Barrows Bonanza

Test your luck at the brothers and see if you can take home the prizes! The main goal is to open as many chests as you possibly can in a timespan of 120 minutes. Team up with 2 other players and have an even bigger chance at prizes! Different rewards are given for various achievements….

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TzHaar Takedown

  Concept: Wipeout as many TzHaar as you can and collect the drops! Drops are worth different amounts which are listed below. The event will be scaled to give lower combat level players a chance to win. You start off with 100 points. For every level over 100cb that you are you lose 2 points…

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A very easy event this week. No in-game participation needed. I have a riddle for you. MASS EVENT TODAY! SHARE THIS WITH PEOPLE IN THE CC DO NOT ANSWER HERE!!! Surrounded by the dead, I lay still and stay low, as the world pushes me down I push right back. I wish I had more…

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Castle Wars

Goal: this is meant to be a clan event to show how well we can work together. Plus I know you all wanted to kill each other at some point. The prizes will be given out by me at the end of three rounds. Play for fun not for money. It’s ok to take a…

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