Clan Rules

Welcome to FIFO Clan! We are a mid-sized casual clan based around a tight-knit and friendly community. We have members of all skill levels from all over the world who enjoy all different aspects of the game. We also host weekly events that cover all types of content.

If there are any issues please let any of the mods know on Discord or in-game.

Clan chat: F I F O clan
Homeworld: 328


Ranks are given according to activity levels in cc, discord, voice chats, and event participation. Not just on levels or length of time you’ve been in the clan. Trust also plays a key role in ranks. The higher the rank, the more trust, and loyalty members have shown. Higher activity levels in chat and voice chat help build this initial trust.

It is important to note that this process tends to go smoother for those who keep their names consistent. This makes it easier for leaders to recognize your consistent activity in the clan.

Discord Roles & Managers

@Discord Manager - Overal Discord fixer.
@Community Manager – For the community and regulates everything in the clan chat.
@Event Manager – In charge of organizing events for the clan.


Event policy

FIFO clan account now is considered present in each planned mass. This will give the clan much-needed funds and be a very deserved and welcome break for our STAR RANKS who funded most things out of their own pocket.


• When posting please use the appropriate chats.
• For all bot/music commands please use #osrs-bot-game and #music-channel
• Use #drops and #achievements for only posting drops and saying gratz, no whole convo’s.


House rules:

• No stake talk in the clan chat or Discord.
• Only English in the clan chat or Discord.
• We don't tolerate ‘toxic’ behavior. Don't come up with the following topics in the clan chat or Discord: Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia.
• If you have a problem with somebody, talk it out in private chat and not the clan chat.
• Don't scam or lure anybody.
• Don't beg for money or in-game items.
• Sharing accounts/money/gear is on your own risk!.
• Pking other clanmates is not allowed.
• If you change your name, please let the @Discord Manager or @Community Manager know.
• If you have read the rules then add in the application as proof: F I F O Forever.

Loot splitting:

• Sharing loot should be done evenly. It doesn't matter who did more or who got a larger drop. All loot should be split without description of damage or effort.
• Chambers of Xeric loot is always split except Arcane prayer scroll, Twister Buckler, and Dinh’s Bulwark.
• If raiding with an ironman it's always FFA for the ironman unless agreed differently.
• In the event a drop is received before a new member(s) arrives, the new member(s) will not get a split of that drop.
• In the event of a death, the dead shall receive equal loot as the living.


Recruitment starts at a combat level of 90. However, exceptions can be made for specialized accounts. Just contact one of our star ranks for this approval.

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