Cooking – 1t Karambwans – Up To 990k xp/hr

This method is extremely click intensive, but offers the best XP rate that you can get for cooking and even nets a small profit. Karambwans will not stop burning until level 99 with a Cooking Cape, 94 at the Hosidius Kitchen or 93 at the Hosidius Kitchen with Cooking Gauntlets. Hold down the 2 key…

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Atk/Def/Str – AFK NMZ – Up To 110k xp/hr

The method is identical regardless of which set of armor you decide to go with. Best in slot strength gear will offer the best xp followed closely by Dharok’s and then finally obsidian. If you are starting from low levels I recommend starting with Obsidian until you have at least 90hp at which point Dharok’s…

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