Atk/Def/Str – AFK NMZ – Up To 110k xp/hr



  • 70 Attack
  • 70 Strength
  • 70 Defense

Gear (one of the following):

At least five of the following boss monsters unlocked in NMZ:

Misc Items:


The method is identical regardless of which set of armor you decide to go with. Best in slot strength gear will offer the best xp followed closely by Dharok’s and then finally obsidian. If you are starting from low levels I recommend starting with Obsidian until you have at least 90hp at which point Dharok’s will surpass it. If you have the money, go for max strength bonus gear but it will require a big investment to be more efficient than Dharok’s. In this method we will rely on Locator Orb/Dwarven Rock Cake to keep our HP at 1, then use absorption potions to stay alive. When your HP is at 1 the NPCs will not be able to hit you for any number higher than 1 which will make your absorption potions last an extremely long time.


  1. Gear up with one of the three equipment setups listed in the requirements
    1. Don’t forget your Locator Orb or Dwarven Rock Cake as well!
  2. Talk to Dominic Onion to set up a Customizable Hard Rumble
    1. Select 5 bosses from the list in the requirements
  3. Stock up on potions from the barrels
    1. 24-40 Doses of overload
      1. This depends on your defense. If you have a high defense level you can afford to take less absorption potions because you will get hit less.
    2. Fill the rest of the inventory with Absorption potions
  4. Drink from the vial to start the dream
  5. Drink an overload
    1. This will take your HP down by 50. After 5 minutes the potion will expire and your HP will go back up by 50. Drink another overload every time it runs out.
  6. Spam your Locator Orb or Dwarven Rock Cake to get your HP down to 1
  7. Just stand there and auto-retaliate for hours on end. Use an overload every time it expires and use your Locator Orb/Dwarven Rock Cake every 1-5 minutes to keep your HP low for maximum longevity.



Phurmaxus / Medmaxus / Puremaxus in-game. General in FIFO, and Developer / Designer of the clan website. I enjoy PvM, Skilling and PKing alike.

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