Saradomin Range Solo Guide

This will be a pretty simple guide on soloing Commander Zilyana using ranged combat. With optimal gear and a bit of practice you can get quite a few kills per trip, and it actually isn’t very difficult. If you’ve ever tried my Bandos Mage Solo Guide, you’ll find this 5x easier. The strategy can be…

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Bandos Mage Solo Guide

This will be a quick guide explaining how to solo General Graardor using magic. With optimal gear and a lot of practice this method can secure over 30 kills per trip. This strategy can be done with worse gear and lower stats than the gear I listed, but it will be a bit of a…

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Nightmare of Ashihama Quick Guide

This guide will be a quick yet detailed run-down on what you need to know to fight the Nightmare of Ashihama. Basic rundown of the fight: The Nightmare has a huge overshield that will recharge every phase. Once her shield is drained to 0 her health bar will appear and pillars with come online in…

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