TzHaar Takedown


July 11, 2020 12:00 pm PST




Wipeout as many TzHaar as you can and collect the drops! Drops are worth different amounts which are listed below. The event will be scaled to give lower combat level players a chance to win. You start off with 100 points. For every level over 100cb that you are you lose 2 points from your starting balance. For every level under 100cb that you are you gain 2 points on your starting balance. For example, someone who is 120cb will start with 60 points and someone with 80cb will start with 120 points. Nobody is allowed to use multi-target combat styles!



1st – 10m

2nd – 5m

3rd – 3m

4th – 2m

5th – 1m


Most Tokkul – 10m

Most Uniques – 5m


Point values:

x100 Tokkul – 1

Obsidian Cape – 10

Obsidian Armor Pieces – 20

Obsidian Sword – 10

Obsidian Staff – 10

Obsidian Mace – 15

Obsidian Knives – 10

Obsidian Shield – 15

Obsidian Rings – 2





Phurmaxus / Medmaxus / Puremaxus in-game. General in FIFO, and Developer / Designer of the clan website. I enjoy PvM, Skilling and PKing alike.

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