Barrows Bonanza


September 27, 2020 3:00 pm GMT


Test your luck at the brothers and see if you can take home the prizes!

The main goal is to open as many chests as you possibly can in a timespan of 120 minutes.

Team up with 2 other players and have an even bigger chance at prizes!

Different rewards are given for various achievements.

Everyone needs to make sure their kill count is known beforehand or else your score does not count. Every unique / loot has to be screenshotted and sent to the ranks.


  • Most opened chests (solo) 10m
  • Most opened chests (team) Team bonds
  • Most uniques 5m (Split when tied)
  • Highest value unique 5m
  • Lowest value unique 5m
  • Champion scroll 10m
  • Most bolt racks 1m
  • 1st clue scroll 1m
  • Lowest value chest – value x100 + 1m
  • Highest value chest – value x2 + 1m





Phurmaxus / Medmaxus / Puremaxus in-game. General in FIFO, and Developer / Designer of the clan website. I enjoy PvM, Skilling and PKing alike.

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We are taking it back to where it all began! FIFO will be getting together this weekend to romp about the free-to-play wilderness like an angry and hilarious mob! FTP pking gear is very inexpensive so this is the perfect event for you even if you don’t typically pk!  
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