Chambers of Xeric Mass


January 25, 2020 9:00 pm GMT



Refer to infographics



What’s up fuckers?! Im the big boss/god/don/king/pharaoh/satan. I can be found in the grand exchange on w328 or dying somewhere on multiple accounts all at the same time. #DODRUGS

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Barrows Bonanza

Test your luck at the brothers and see if you can take home the prizes! The main goal is to open as many chests as you possibly can in a timespan of 120 minutes. Team up with 2 other players and have an even bigger chance at prizes! Different rewards are given for various achievements. …

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We are taking it back to where it all began! FIFO will be getting together this weekend to romp about the free-to-play wilderness like an angry and hilarious mob! FTP pking gear is very inexpensive so this is the perfect event for you even if you don’t typically pk!  
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